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Crash Course 
If there are two things I love, and there are probably more than two... But if I had to pick two things off the top of my head that I thoroughly enjoy, it would be information and entertainment, or INFOTAINMENT. My favorite forms of infotainment typically come from the guys at Stuff You Should Know, but today I found a video series called Crash Course. Crash Course is a video series done by John Green (no relation) that provides well produced, fast paced, ten minute videos on a myriad of topics. This series is probably more in line with older students, but it is still worth your time. Check out Crash Course's YouTube Channel by clicking below. If you are viewing on a Floyd County School's computer you will need to use your teacher override account to see the videos. 
Crash Course

Posted by lgreen On 02/01/2013 at 11:17 AM  4 Comments

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I for one have a visitor room that has only a bed lol, with the goal that's a decent case for a training region. It is the nearest you would get to the genuine article and encounter, and if your folks are sufficiently pleasant, they could likewise be there to stop the clock and time for segments.  
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Both the groups are great in this amusement and both the group attempts to an objective. I like the player's enthusiasm and endeavor to winning this amusement. This is extremely so stunning minutes and every player giving their best for this amusement.  
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Brief training World History highlights repeating fragments, for example, "The Open Letter," where Green peruses an open letter to a recorded figure, period, thing, or idea. Every so often Green talks with a guileless, more youthful variant of himself whom he calls "Me from the past"; this character as a rule has credulous or evident inquiries or proclamations about the point  
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