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Summer Goals 

Thanks again, to the wonderful website, Inside the classroom,outside the box, for providing frequent inspiration. In the post found by clicking here,Mrs. Thompson listed her goals for summer. I think that is a good idea for all of us.  

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We need the time to slow down and reflect, but that doesn't mean we get to stop. We should always be striving to better ourselves for the sake of our students! So, using Jill's list as inspiration, here are my goals for the summer!    

1. Spend time with my wife and daughter! This year marks our 10th anniversary. The wife and I are heading to Ashville, NC for a long weekend in June and I can't wait.Between work, school, and the daily rigamaroll, this is a great opportunity for us.  Also, for my daughter, this was her first year in regular school and not in a day care. In previous summers she would go to day care a few days a week since we had to keep paying for it anyway. This summer my goal is to spend as much time doing things with her as possible. We are already planning a few play-dates with some friends to go exploring while off together. 

2. Successfully complete my 4th Semester of Doctoral Work. I would love to say it is going to be easy to focus on my dissertation while a cute 5 year old is asking me to go play, but I will find a way. I need to do a few things to get my survey instrument ready for the coming September or October, but I think I can make it. I would love to do some fun type of learning via a MOOC, but this learning must come first. 

3. Present at my first technology conference. I will be presenting at my first technology conference on June 12th at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference!I was accepted to present on some strategies for BYOT in the classroom. I'm excited to get out there and share some of the more useful tools and tips I have acquired. I'm also applying to present at more close by. 

4. Keep nerding it up! I am incredibly lucky that my job is also my passion. I enjoy looking through CNet, Gizmodo, LifeHacker, This Week in Tech, and all of the other nerd sites out there. I am always finding cool things to share. I just have to make sure I don't spend too much time on this front and not enough on my doctoral work and family. 

5. Walk or exercise daily. 
I recently received my FitBit Flex, and that thing is awesomsauce! It reminds me to stand up every now and then, stretch my legs, and randomly walk the halls. I still haven't hit my 10,000 step mark per day, but I am getting closer than I was before I received the FitBit. 

6. Breathe... This is one of my biggest challenges. I have to remember to slow down from time to time and relax. I hope to have some of that built into my playtime with my family, but I need to focus on breathing and being in the moment.

It feels great to write these down. It is like some of the thoughts I have built up have been taken away from me. Now I can come back and see the progress I have made over the summer. Now it is your turn... what is your goal for the summer?
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