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BYOT Strikes up New Conversations @ AHS 
This article about the challenges of BYOT at Armuchee High School is a great read. Freshmen students, Amber Phillips, Brianna Chastain, and Claire Bettler detail the differing opinions of students and staff when it comes to allowing students to use technology in the classroom. 

This article is taken from the April 2013 Tribe Tribune. Any questions about the article can be directed to Mrs. Emily Mowery, the Tribe Tribune Sponsor. She can be contacted at emowery@floydboe.net. 

BYOT Strikes up New Conversations @ AHS

Abby Cummings and physics classmates in Mr. Coleman’s class use their own technology for note taking.
Armuchee High School students have been anxiously waiting to be allowed to bring their own technology (BYOT) to improve learning resources, take notes, and experience new freedoms in the classroom. The new policy is based on respect and trust in students not to use their technology for personal use during instructional time. The new policy is sparking discussion on whether students and teachers see eye-to-eye on the policy’s implementation.

After Mo
del High School tested the new technology policy in the first semester of the 2012-2013 school year, the county launched it in the other high schools in January. Under the new policies, students are allowed to bring tablets, cell phones, laptops, e-readers, or any other tool. However, students are not allowed free reign; they are required to be under Floyd County’s wifi source and will be punished for using any other network. The County’s wifi, “Floyd Open”, has the same filters that the school computers already have.

While students have been anxiously awaiting the new policy to come into action, teachers have braced themselves to prepare for the changes. One fear is as Mr. Coleman predicted, “Once the policy is in place, it will be very hard to remove.” When asked, Mr. Coleman said, “I have a little bit of concern about the new policy. I’m still unsure of how often I will allow my students to use technology in class; there are always a percentage of students who will misuse the privileges.” Coach Norred responded the same way and added, “This should be a fun opportunity to make learning more accessible and enjoyable.”

When BYOT first began students predicted that since teachers wouldn’t be adjusted to BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology), they might forget to use technology as often as planned and fall back into their comfortable teaching habits. Some students, though, say they won’t allow the teachers to forget. Freshman Carson Cook was very excited for BYOT. Cook said, “I typically bring my iPhone and iPad most days, even though I realize the school is not responsible for my technology, and it is my own risk of loss or damage to bring it.” Bennett Garland, a senior, said, “BYOT has helped me in organization and using less paper.” However, Mr. Ramsey said, “It doesn’t make a difference in the ISS classroom since policy hasn’t changed and no technology is allowed.” After many people were asked, it’s concluded that BYOT has helped speed up the pace in which work can be completed and research can be compiled.

“The strengths of BYOT are that it’s an opportunity for teachers and students to have another resource in the classroom, but with every strength there is a weakness. A major weakness that teachers and I worry about is that students will misuse their technology. Bring Your Own Technology is all trial and error,” said Mr. Debity.

This picture was designed by Will Peters, journalism student, to demonstrate the challenges facing the correct usage of BYOT
(The picture above was designed by Will Peters, journalism student, to demonstrate the challenges facing the correct usage of BYOT)

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