The QAR team presented five commendations for excellent examples of education at work for children in our schools during their report to the board. The commendations were:

  • The common sense, hands-on, collaborative, visionary approach inspired by the superintendent, combined with the honesty and transparency of the district with all stakeholders through “intentional listening” actions have elevated the quality of district initiatives, resulting in the intense focus on students and achievement.

  • The deep level of collaboration, refined during the charter process and now evident in every part of the system that has fostered and sustained the far-reaching of levels of processes supporting teaching and learning.

  • The unique relationship between the Board of Education and the superintendent that has resulted in strong, courageous, and proactive leadership as the system responded to major reductions in revenue without reduction in force or cancellation of academic programs.

  • The strong relationship with post-secondary institutions and the business community that have shaped a curriculum through which students can reach success and enjoy a quality life regardless of their career choice.

  • The strong relationship between community and the schools that have been developed by communicating with those being served, thus bringing the community together and paving a way for great things that are happening in Floyd County Schools.