Local School Coordinating Council

The Local School Coordinating Council is the second level of local school governance with the charge to help retain system cohesiveness in programs and instruction.  The LSCC will work directly with the superintendent to make decisions in areas that affect the system as a whole and to provide input and recommendations to the Floyd County Board of Education.  The group will share ideas that are working in local schools and share successes of Local School Governance Teams so that these successes can be replicated at other schools in the system. 

Local School Coordinating Council Members

The Local School Coordinating Council is made up of two members from each Local School Governance Team.  One representative will be the school principal.  The second representative will be determined by each LSGT.  The group will meet four times annually.

What is a Local School Coordinating Council member required to do?


  • Work to improve student achievement and performance
  • Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community
  • Act as a link between the LSGT and the Board of Education
  • Maintain a system-wide perspective in issues
  • Regularly participate in meetings
  • Participate in informational and training programs